Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
[detail level 12]
 C_query_userConfiguration setup for declaring what kind of information to ask a user for
 CbufferWrapper structure for dynamically allocated memory
 Ccert_hashStructure containing the hash for a single certificate
 Ccert_hash_setStructure containing the hashes for a full certificate chain
 Ccipher_name_pairStruct used in cipher name translation table
 CcontextContains all state information for one tunnel
 Ccontext_0Level 0 context containing information related to the OpenVPN process
 Ccontext_1Level 1 context containing state that persists across SIGUSR1 restarts
 Ccontext_2Level 2 context containing state that is reset on both SIGHUP and SIGUSR1 restarts
 Ccrypto_optionsSecurity parameter state for processing data channel packets
 CfragmentStructure for reassembling one incoming fragmented packet
 Cfragment_listList of fragment structures for reassembling multiple incoming packets concurrently
 Cfragment_masterFragmentation and reassembly state for one VPN tunnel instance
 CframePacket geometry parameters
 Cgc_arenaGarbage collection arena used to keep track of dynamically allocated memory
 Cgc_entryGarbage collection entry for one dynamically allocated block of memory
 Cgc_entry_specialGarbage collection entry for a specially allocated structure that needs a custom free function to be freed like struct addrinfo
 CkeyContainer for unidirectional cipher and HMAC key material
 Ckey2Container for bidirectional cipher and HMAC key material
 Ckey_ctxContainer for one set of cipher and/or HMAC contexts
 Ckey_ctx_biContainer for two sets of OpenSSL cipher and/or HMAC contexts for both sending and receiving directions
 Ckey_direction_stateKey ordering of the key2.keys array
 Ckey_sourceContainer for one half of random material to be used in key method 2 data channel key generation
 Ckey_source2Container for both halves of random material to be used in key method 2 data channel key generation
 Ckey_stateSecurity parameter state of one TLS and data channel key session
 Cmulti_contextMain OpenVPN server state structure
 Cmulti_instanceServer-mode state structure for one single VPN tunnel
 CreliableThe reliability layer storage structure for one VPN tunnel's control channel in one direction
 Creliable_ackThe acknowledgment structure in which packet IDs are stored for later acknowledgment
 Creliable_entryThe structure in which the reliability layer stores a single incoming or outgoing packet
 Csha256_digestWrapper struct to pass around SHA256 digests
 Ctls_cipher_name_pairGet a tls_cipher_name_pair containing OpenSSL and IANA names for supplied TLS cipher name
 Ctls_multiSecurity parameter state for a single VPN tunnel
 Ctls_root_ctxStructure that wraps the TLS context
 Ctls_sessionSecurity parameter state of a single session within a VPN tunnel
 Ctls_wrap_ctxControl channel wrapping (–tls-auth/–tls-crypt) context