Data Fields
msica_session Struct Reference

Execution session. More...

#include <msica_op.h>

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Data Fields

bool continue_on_error
 Installer handle. More...
bool rollback_enabled
 Continue execution on operation error? More...
struct msica_op_seq seq_cleanup [MSICA_CLEANUP_ACTION_COUNT]
 Is rollback enabled? More...

Detailed Description

Execution session.

Definition at line 382 of file msica_op.h.

Field Documentation

◆ continue_on_error

bool msica_session::continue_on_error

Installer handle.

Definition at line 385 of file msica_op.h.

◆ hInstall

MSIHANDLE msica_session::hInstall

Definition at line 384 of file msica_op.h.

◆ rollback_enabled

bool msica_session::rollback_enabled

Continue execution on operation error?

Definition at line 386 of file msica_op.h.

◆ seq_cleanup

struct msica_op_seq msica_session::seq_cleanup[MSICA_CLEANUP_ACTION_COUNT]

Is rollback enabled?

Definition at line 387 of file msica_op.h.

Referenced by ProcessDeferredAction().

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