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#define BOOL_CAST(x)   ((x) ? (true) : (false))
#define SIZE(x)   (sizeof(x)/sizeof(x[0]))
#define CLEAR(x)   memset(&(x), 0, sizeof(x))
#define IPV4_NETMASK_HOST   0xffffffffU

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#define BOOL_CAST (   x)    ((x) ? (true) : (false))

Definition at line 27 of file basic.h.


#define CLEAR (   x)    memset(&(x), 0, sizeof(x))

Definition at line 33 of file basic.h.


#define IPV4_NETMASK_HOST   0xffffffffU

Definition at line 35 of file basic.h.


#define SIZE (   x)    (sizeof(x)/sizeof(x[0]))

Definition at line 30 of file basic.h.