Data Fields
key_state_ssl Struct Reference

#include <ssl_mbedtls.h>

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Data Fields

mbedtls_ssl_config * ssl_config
 mbedTLS global ssl config More...
mbedtls_ssl_context * ctx
 mbedTLS connection context More...
struct tls_key_cache tls_key_cache
SSL * ssl
BIO * ssl_bio
BIO * ct_in
BIO * ct_out

Detailed Description

Definition at line 125 of file ssl_mbedtls.h.

Field Documentation

◆ bio_ctx

bio_ctx* key_state_ssl::bio_ctx

Definition at line 128 of file ssl_mbedtls.h.

◆ ct_in

BIO* key_state_ssl::ct_in

◆ ct_out

BIO* key_state_ssl::ct_out

Definition at line 49 of file ssl_openssl.h.

Referenced by key_state_read_ciphertext(), key_state_ssl_free(), and key_state_ssl_init().

◆ ctx

mbedtls_ssl_context* key_state_ssl::ctx

mbedTLS connection context

Definition at line 127 of file ssl_mbedtls.h.

◆ ssl

SSL* key_state_ssl::ssl

Definition at line 46 of file ssl_openssl.h.

Referenced by key_state_ssl_free(), key_state_ssl_init(), and print_details().

◆ ssl_bio

BIO* key_state_ssl::ssl_bio

◆ ssl_config

mbedtls_ssl_config* key_state_ssl::ssl_config

mbedTLS global ssl config

Definition at line 126 of file ssl_mbedtls.h.

◆ tls_key_cache

struct tls_key_cache key_state_ssl::tls_key_cache

Definition at line 130 of file ssl_mbedtls.h.

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