Data Fields
link_socket_info Struct Reference

#include <socket.h>

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Data Fields

struct link_socket_addrlsa
bool connection_established
const char * ipchange_command
const struct plugin_listplugins
bool remote_float
int proto
sa_family_t af
bool bind_ipv6_only
int mtu_changed

Detailed Description

Definition at line 113 of file socket.h.

Field Documentation

◆ af

sa_family_t link_socket_info::af

◆ bind_ipv6_only

bool link_socket_info::bind_ipv6_only

Definition at line 122 of file socket.h.

Referenced by bind_local(), and link_socket_init_phase1().

◆ connection_established

bool link_socket_info::connection_established

◆ ipchange_command

const char* link_socket_info::ipchange_command

◆ lsa

struct link_socket_addr* link_socket_info::lsa

◆ mtu_changed

int link_socket_info::mtu_changed

Definition at line 123 of file socket.h.

Referenced by check_fragment(), and x_check_status().

◆ plugins

const struct plugin_list* link_socket_info::plugins

Definition at line 118 of file socket.h.

Referenced by link_socket_connection_initiated(), and link_socket_init_phase1().

◆ proto

int link_socket_info::proto

◆ remote_float

bool link_socket_info::remote_float

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