Data Fields
plugin_per_client_context Struct Reference

Data Fields

time_t sleep_until
bool want_fail
bool want_disable
const char * client_config
int n_calls
bool generated_pf_file

Detailed Description

Definition at line 72 of file sample-client-connect.c.

Field Documentation

◆ client_config

const char* plugin_per_client_context::client_config

◆ generated_pf_file

bool plugin_per_client_context::generated_pf_file

Definition at line 113 of file multi-auth.c.

◆ n_calls

int plugin_per_client_context::n_calls

Definition at line 112 of file multi-auth.c.

◆ sleep_until

time_t plugin_per_client_context::sleep_until

◆ want_disable

bool plugin_per_client_context::want_disable

◆ want_fail

bool plugin_per_client_context::want_fail

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