Data Fields
tuntap Struct Reference

#include <tun.h>

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Data Fields

int type
int topology
bool did_ifconfig_setup
bool did_ifconfig_ipv6_setup
bool persistent_if
struct tuntap_options options
char * actual_name
in_addr_t local
in_addr_t remote_netmask
struct in6_addr local_ipv6
struct in6_addr remote_ipv6
int netbits_ipv6
struct overlapped_io reads
struct overlapped_io writes
struct rw_handle rw_handle
bool ipapi_context_defined
ULONG ipapi_context
ULONG ipapi_instance
in_addr_t adapter_netmask
DWORD adapter_index
enum windows_driver_type windows_driver
int standby_iter
HANDLE wintun_send_ring_handle
HANDLE wintun_receive_ring_handle
struct tun_ringwintun_send_ring
struct tun_ringwintun_receive_ring
unsigned int rwflags_debug
dco_context_t dco

Detailed Description

Definition at line 171 of file tun.h.

Field Documentation

◆ actual_name

char* tuntap::actual_name

◆ adapter_index

DWORD tuntap::adapter_index

◆ adapter_netmask

in_addr_t tuntap::adapter_netmask

◆ dco

dco_context_t tuntap::dco

◆ did_ifconfig_ipv6_setup

bool tuntap::did_ifconfig_ipv6_setup

◆ did_ifconfig_setup

bool tuntap::did_ifconfig_setup

◆ hand

HANDLE tuntap::hand

◆ ipapi_context

ULONG tuntap::ipapi_context

Definition at line 205 of file tun.h.

Referenced by close_tun(), and tuntap_set_ip_addr().

◆ ipapi_context_defined

bool tuntap::ipapi_context_defined

Definition at line 204 of file tun.h.

Referenced by close_tun(), and tuntap_set_ip_addr().

◆ ipapi_instance

ULONG tuntap::ipapi_instance

Definition at line 206 of file tun.h.

Referenced by tuntap_set_ip_addr().

◆ local

in_addr_t tuntap::local

◆ local_ipv6

struct in6_addr tuntap::local_ipv6

◆ netbits_ipv6

int tuntap::netbits_ipv6

◆ options

struct tuntap_options tuntap::options

◆ persistent_if

bool tuntap::persistent_if

Definition at line 182 of file tun.h.

◆ reads

struct overlapped_io tuntap::reads

◆ remote_ipv6

struct in6_addr tuntap::remote_ipv6

Definition at line 193 of file tun.h.

Referenced by do_ifconfig_ipv6(), do_ifconfig_setenv(), and init_tun().

◆ remote_netmask

in_addr_t tuntap::remote_netmask

◆ rw_handle

struct rw_handle tuntap::rw_handle

◆ rwflags_debug

unsigned int tuntap::rwflags_debug

Definition at line 232 of file tun.h.

Referenced by tun_set(), and tun_stat().

◆ standby_iter

int tuntap::standby_iter

Definition at line 214 of file tun.h.

Referenced by tun_standby(), and tun_standby_init().

◆ topology

int tuntap::topology

◆ type

int tuntap::type

◆ windows_driver

enum windows_driver_type tuntap::windows_driver

◆ wintun_receive_ring

struct tun_ring* tuntap::wintun_receive_ring

Definition at line 219 of file tun.h.

Referenced by close_tun_handle(), wintun_register_ring_buffer(), and write_wintun().

◆ wintun_receive_ring_handle

HANDLE tuntap::wintun_receive_ring_handle

◆ wintun_send_ring

struct tun_ring* tuntap::wintun_send_ring

◆ wintun_send_ring_handle

HANDLE tuntap::wintun_send_ring_handle

◆ writes

struct overlapped_io tuntap::writes

Definition at line 199 of file tun.h.

Referenced by close_tun_handle(), init_tun_post(), tun_stat(), tun_write_queue(), and tun_write_win32().

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