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validate.h File Reference
#include "service.h"
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#define SYSTEM_ADMIN_GROUP   TEXT("Administrators")
#define OVPN_ADMIN_GROUP   TEXT("OpenVPN Administrators")


BOOL IsAuthorizedUser (PSID sid, const HANDLE token, const WCHAR *ovpn_admin_group)
BOOL CheckOption (const WCHAR *workdir, int narg, WCHAR *argv[], const settings_t *s)
static BOOL IsOption (const WCHAR *o)

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#define OVPN_ADMIN_GROUP   TEXT("OpenVPN Administrators")

Definition at line 32 of file validate.h.


#define SYSTEM_ADMIN_GROUP   TEXT("Administrators")

Definition at line 31 of file validate.h.

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◆ CheckOption()

BOOL CheckOption ( const WCHAR *  workdir,
int  narg,
WCHAR *  argv[],
const settings_t s 

Definition at line 317 of file validate.c.

References CheckConfigPath(), OptionLookup(), and white_list.

Referenced by ValidateOptions().

◆ IsAuthorizedUser()

BOOL IsAuthorizedUser ( PSID  sid,
const HANDLE  token,
const WCHAR *  ovpn_admin_group 

◆ IsOption()

static BOOL IsOption ( const WCHAR *  o)

Definition at line 42 of file validate.h.

Referenced by ValidateOptions().