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mbuf.h File Reference
#include "basic.h"
#include "buffer.h"
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Data Structures

struct  mbuf_buffer
struct  mbuf_item
struct  mbuf_set


#define MBUF_INDEX(head, offset, size)   (((head) + (offset)) & ((size)-1))
#define MF_UNICAST   (1<<0)


struct mbuf_setmbuf_init (unsigned int size)
void mbuf_free (struct mbuf_set *ms)
struct mbuf_buffermbuf_alloc_buf (const struct buffer *buf)
void mbuf_free_buf (struct mbuf_buffer *mb)
void mbuf_add_item (struct mbuf_set *ms, const struct mbuf_item *item)
bool mbuf_extract_item (struct mbuf_set *ms, struct mbuf_item *item)
void mbuf_dereference_instance (struct mbuf_set *ms, struct multi_instance *mi)
static bool mbuf_defined (const struct mbuf_set *ms)
static unsigned int mbuf_len (const struct mbuf_set *ms)
static int mbuf_maximum_queued (const struct mbuf_set *ms)
struct multi_instancembuf_peek_dowork (struct mbuf_set *ms)
static struct multi_instancembuf_peek (struct mbuf_set *ms)

Macro Definition Documentation


#define MBUF_INDEX (   head,
)    (((head) + (offset)) & ((size)-1))

Definition at line 39 of file mbuf.h.


#define MF_UNICAST   (1<<0)

Definition at line 46 of file mbuf.h.

Function Documentation

◆ mbuf_add_item()

void mbuf_add_item ( struct mbuf_set ms,
const struct mbuf_item item 

◆ mbuf_alloc_buf()

struct mbuf_buffer* mbuf_alloc_buf ( const struct buffer buf)

◆ mbuf_defined()

static bool mbuf_defined ( const struct mbuf_set ms)

◆ mbuf_dereference_instance()

void mbuf_dereference_instance ( struct mbuf_set ms,
struct multi_instance mi 

◆ mbuf_extract_item()

bool mbuf_extract_item ( struct mbuf_set ms,
struct mbuf_item item 

◆ mbuf_free()

void mbuf_free ( struct mbuf_set ms)

◆ mbuf_free_buf()

void mbuf_free_buf ( struct mbuf_buffer mb)

◆ mbuf_init()

struct mbuf_set* mbuf_init ( unsigned int  size)

◆ mbuf_len()

static unsigned int mbuf_len ( const struct mbuf_set ms)

Definition at line 86 of file mbuf.h.

References mbuf_set::len.

Referenced by multi_output_queue_ready().

◆ mbuf_maximum_queued()

static int mbuf_maximum_queued ( const struct mbuf_set ms)

Definition at line 92 of file mbuf.h.

References mbuf_set::max_queued.

Referenced by multi_print_status().

◆ mbuf_peek()

static struct multi_instance* mbuf_peek ( struct mbuf_set ms)

Definition at line 100 of file mbuf.h.

References mbuf_defined(), and mbuf_peek_dowork().

Referenced by multi_tcp_process_io().

◆ mbuf_peek_dowork()

struct multi_instance* mbuf_peek_dowork ( struct mbuf_set ms)

Definition at line 132 of file mbuf.c.

References mbuf_set::array, mbuf_set::capacity, mbuf_set::head, mbuf_item::instance, mbuf_set::len, and MBUF_INDEX.

Referenced by mbuf_peek().