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mtcp.h File Reference
#include "event.h"
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Data Structures

struct  multi_tcp


struct multi_tcpmulti_tcp_init (int maxevents, int *maxclients)
void multi_tcp_free (struct multi_tcp *mtcp)
void multi_tcp_dereference_instance (struct multi_tcp *mtcp, struct multi_instance *mi)
bool multi_tcp_instance_specific_init (struct multi_context *m, struct multi_instance *mi)
void multi_tcp_instance_specific_free (struct multi_instance *mi)
void multi_tcp_link_out_deferred (struct multi_context *m, struct multi_instance *mi)
void tunnel_server_tcp (struct context *top)
 Main event loop for OpenVPN in TCP server mode. More...
void multi_tcp_delete_event (struct multi_tcp *mtcp, event_t event)

Function Documentation

◆ multi_tcp_delete_event()

void multi_tcp_delete_event ( struct multi_tcp mtcp,
event_t  event 

Definition at line 216 of file mtcp.c.

References multi_tcp::es, and event_del().

Referenced by management_delete_event().

◆ multi_tcp_dereference_instance()

void multi_tcp_dereference_instance ( struct multi_tcp mtcp,
struct multi_instance mi 

◆ multi_tcp_free()

void multi_tcp_free ( struct multi_tcp mtcp)

Definition at line 225 of file mtcp.c.

References multi_tcp::es, multi_tcp::esr, and event_free().

Referenced by multi_uninit().

◆ multi_tcp_init()

struct multi_tcp* multi_tcp_init ( int  maxevents,
int *  maxclients 

◆ multi_tcp_instance_specific_free()

void multi_tcp_instance_specific_free ( struct multi_instance mi)

Definition at line 191 of file mtcp.c.

References mbuf_free(), and multi_instance::tcp_link_out_deferred.

Referenced by multi_close_instance().

◆ multi_tcp_instance_specific_init()

bool multi_tcp_instance_specific_init ( struct multi_context m,
struct multi_instance mi 

◆ multi_tcp_link_out_deferred()

void multi_tcp_link_out_deferred ( struct multi_context m,
struct multi_instance mi