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key_schedule Struct Reference

#include <openvpn.h>

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Data Fields

struct key_type key_type
struct key_ctx_bi static_key
struct tls_root_ctx ssl_ctx
struct key_type tls_auth_key_type
struct key_ctx_bi tls_wrap_key
struct key_ctx tls_crypt_v2_server_key
struct buffer tls_crypt_v2_wkc
 Wrapped client key. More...
struct key_ctx auth_token_key

Detailed Description

Definition at line 54 of file openvpn.h.

Field Documentation

◆ auth_token_key

struct key_ctx key_schedule::auth_token_key

◆ key_type

struct key_type key_schedule::key_type

◆ ssl_ctx

struct tls_root_ctx key_schedule::ssl_ctx

◆ static_key

struct key_ctx_bi key_schedule::static_key

Definition at line 60 of file openvpn.h.

Referenced by do_init_crypto_static(), and key_schedule_free().

◆ tls_auth_key_type

struct key_type key_schedule::tls_auth_key_type

Definition at line 66 of file openvpn.h.

Referenced by do_init_tls_wrap_key(), and inherit_context_child().

◆ tls_crypt_v2_server_key

struct key_ctx key_schedule::tls_crypt_v2_server_key

◆ tls_crypt_v2_wkc

struct buffer key_schedule::tls_crypt_v2_wkc

Wrapped client key.

Definition at line 69 of file openvpn.h.

Referenced by do_close_free_key_schedule(), do_init_crypto_tls(), and do_init_tls_wrap_key().

◆ tls_wrap_key

struct key_ctx_bi key_schedule::tls_wrap_key

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