mss.h File Reference
#include "proto.h"
#include "error.h"
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void mss_fixup_ipv4 (struct buffer *buf, int maxmss)
void mss_fixup_ipv6 (struct buffer *buf, int maxmss)
void mss_fixup_dowork (struct buffer *buf, uint16_t maxmss)

Function Documentation

◆ mss_fixup_dowork()

void mss_fixup_dowork ( struct buffer buf,
uint16_t  maxmss 

◆ mss_fixup_ipv4()

void mss_fixup_ipv4 ( struct buffer buf,
int  maxmss 

◆ mss_fixup_ipv6()

void mss_fixup_ipv6 ( struct buffer buf,
int  maxmss